LED Retrofits – How to Begin the Process

Throughout the GTA, LED retrofit consultants are making a difference in how warehouses, factories and businesses are functioning. A LED retrofit is both a cost-saving measure, and one that can enhance productivity and employee health. The financial benefits are immediate. So - how to ‘flip the switch’ on the conversion process?

Expert auditors, such as the ones at Inlight Solutions, will come to your business for a free consultation. This initial meeting will give you an overall idea of the benefits of an LED retrofit.

The auditors’ second step is to assemble a detailed analysis of your current fixture and light usage, your hours of operation and current kWh rate. This is followed by the presentation of the auditors’ findings and energy savings proposals for the terms and timing of the retrofit itself. The contractor can advise on the the various government rebates available, and assist with the application, as well as required permits.

And then the retrofit begins…

The Advantages of a Retrofit
The Advantages of a Retrofit

The advantages of a LED retrofit are clear - and the financial and quality of workplace rewards, immediate.
First, the financial. LED lighting reduces energy consumption by 50-70% compared to fluorescent and metal halide bulbs. Retrofit rebates are eligible for up to half of the capital cost of installation, which means that the payback of net capital loss is often achieved in one to two years. The reduction in energy consumption means your building’s operating income increases – and along with that, so does your property’s value. And finally, the long-living LED lights mean that annual maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.

Also, consider the planet. In addition to that lowered energy consumption, the fixtures themselves last up to four times longer, markedly reducing landfill and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Retrofitting with LED lighting provides LEED certification points. LED lights do not contain toxic chemicals like argon gas and mercury, which are found in fluorescent and metal halide bulbs.

And last, but certainly not least – think about your employees. LED lighting enhances workplace safety and productivity and has a positive effect on employee mood and performance.

LED lights do not have that annoying buzz that is common with fluorescent bulbs. They reduce eye strain and cast a unform and brighter glow. This can have a significant impact on workplace safety, especially for dark warehouses with dark aisles. Your workers will be able to see what they are doing. They also will not be climbing ladders to replace bulbs as often.

And Don’t Forget Your Car!
And Don’t Forget Your Car!

Electric vehicles are now common on our streets – and about to become a lot more so. The government of Canada is promoting an increased percentage of EVs on the road, and this is going to impact how business is done in the GTA. EV charging stations will make your business premises more attractive to employees – many of whom will soon be commuting to work from other parts of the Greater Toronto Area in their electric vehicles. EV charging stations will give you a competitive edge and help you meet your sustainability goals and even earn extra income.

Consider adding EV charging stations to your conversion project when you meet with your GTA LED retrofit consultants.


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